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Infertility treatment without ART

A healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on the chances of pregnancy

Kako lahko povečamo možnost za zanositev

Where to start?

We only perform ART procedures on couples who have exhausted other infertility treatment options.

However, there are several ways in which we can promote the possibility of natural conception prior to ART intervention.

The Infertility Treatment and ART Procedures Act also stipulates that partners must be in such a psychosocial state that they can raise a child.

Infertility treatement without ART

Treatment without BAP procedure

After the check-up, we will talk to you and advise you on how to help you based on our findings.

We start with simpler treatments and then move on to more invasive ones. The type of treatment depends on whether the cause of infertility is on the female side or the male side, or whether the causes of infertility overlap in both.

Zdrav način življenja ugodno učinkuje na možnost zanositve

A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle greatly increases the chances of getting pregnant.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you should avoid:

  • stress
  • food, containing soda, and fizzy drinks (especially men)
  • overheating of the testicles (men, e.g. heated car seats, laptop on the lap).

You should stop:

  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • excessive consumption of drinks containing caffeine.

    Pay attention to:
  • body weight (both)
  • BMI (both)
  • waist circumference (men)
  • waist-to hip ratio (women).

You should never:

  • take drugs
  • consume anabolic steroids (especially men).

Hormonal treatment of infertility

Hormone treatment can be used to trigger ovulation and thus enable natural conception. Before hormone treatment is prescribed, you will be thoroughly examined.

In couples where the problem is irregular ovulation or where the cause of infertility is unknown, we will stimulate ovulation with oral ovulation stimulants in certain cases. Before this, the patency of the fallopian tubes is checked. A normal result of the semen analysis is also a prerequisite for such treatment.

In women with polycystic ovaries, oral antidiabetics are introduced in certain cases.

In case of thyroid dysfunction, the patient is referred for a thyrological examination.

Hormonsko zdravljenje neplodnosti
Operativno zdravljenje neplodnosti

Surgical treatment

In the case of clinically significant causes of infertility in women, e.g., leaking fallopian tubes, endometriosis, significant fibroids, endometrial polyps, uterine septum, and other various abnormalities of the uterus, we first opt for surgical treatment with laparoscopy or hysteroscopy. If conception does not occur within a reasonable time (the decision is individual) after surgical treatment, we decide to proceed with the BAP procedure. Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy are both diagnostic and surgical methods.

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