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Infertility evaluation

We find out how we can help you

Preiskave pri neplodnosti

We always treat you as a couple

In the treatment of infertility, we always treat the woman and the man as a couple. We keep both of you informed about investigations and procedures and want both of you to be present at important moments. And in the case of medically or personally sensitive procedures, we naturally support and respect the individual’s wish for privacy.

Preiskave neplodnosti

From simple examinations to more complex ones

We start every infertility treatment as minimally invasive as possible. We start with simple tests, then move on to more complex ones. In women, simple tests include a gynaecological examination and an ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. For men, this is a spermiogram examination.

Prvi pogovor s strokovnajkom za neplodnost

First conversation

Before we start the examination and treatment of your infertility, we listen to you and talk to you in detail. We can tell you more about the treatment after the first tests have been done.

Some initial questions are:

  • Age of woman and man
  • Period of unprotected sexual intercourse
  • Woman’s menstrual cycle and date of last menstrual period
  • Any miscarriages or births
  • Medical history and special characteristics of the woman and man
  • Other factors that may affect fertility (e.g., occupational diseases, chronic illnesses)

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